Hi, I'm Jaime Caballero

I’m a Product Designer with a technical background, a Digital Nomad and a Spaniard based in London

Management, Research, UX, Storybook

Redesigning a garment builder experience

Research, Branding, UX/UI, Development

Illustrating therapy with inclusion

Research, Branding, UX/UI, Storybook

Breaking paradigms of online chatting

Let the people talk

Anna Corbett
Head of Search at Base Creative

Jaime’s attention to detail and commitment to progressive enhancement are an inspiration. He is a pleasure to work with and has a keen eye for design. Simply a joy.

Michelle Choi
Designer and Illustrator

It was great to see Jaime at work. He managed to put together a stubborn CEO, a techie CTO and a businessy Product Manager and abstract that into scoped projects for design and development. He even established agile in the company!

Phil Cummins
Engineer at Transferwise

I have worked with Caballero on a number of projects and consistently seek to hire him at any company that I work with!